Nik Spyratos

Tiny but Mighty: My favourite kind of tool

I consider myself a bit of a minimalist. I like to do more with less.

Perhaps that's not precise enough. I like to do more with more precise tools.

Sometimes that means physically smaller. Sometimes it means handling only niche use cases. Sometimes, it means not using things. Sometimes it means going with pen and paper!

Why am I like this? Even I barely know. It's a mesh of many reasons.

One side of it is that I prefer being able to travel light, and worry about fewer expensive things to maintain. Another is that I like personalising my tools to suit my use case, which often means finding very specific things.

It's why I:

Even my wallet follows this pattern: a lovely, compact leather piece that just holds cards and a bit of cash. It's about as small as an old Nokia.

When I think of the software I want to build, both for myself and others, I think in the same way. Tiny, but mighty.

I also love tiny web software that follows this idea. Here's a list of such websites I consider "tiny but mighty":

If you've got something to recommend for this list, be sure to let me know!

Sites recommended to me for this list:

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